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Role: Stipendiary Lecturer in Russian

Anna Sapuntsova, who has long light brown curly hair


Anna did her undergraduate degree in Russian and Literature at MSU and worked at the Center for Language and Brain (HSE) before joining the Language and Brain Lab here at Oxford in 2018. She specialises in TMS, EEG and behavioural studies and focuses on bringing historical and experimental evidence together in her doctoral thesis on Russian accentology. They have a particular passion for historical sociolinguistics and the intersections of gender, sexuality and language behaviour, as well as gender bias in linguistics. Ask them about their favourite Old Novgorod birch bark gramotas if you want to hear about puppies or medieval newlyweds.

Trained to teach dogs how to medically assist humans and humans how to do aerial hoop, Anna is now a lecturer in Russian and Old Church Slavonic. She offers tutorials in different aspects of Russian, Church Slavonic, history of the English language and anthropology of language.

Research Interests

Anna's research interests include: phonology, accentology, neurolinguistics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics.


At LMH, Anna teaches: Russian IV, V.1, V.2.

Selected Publications

Bolgina, Tatiana et al (Anna Sapuntsova, Vidya Somashekarappa, Stefano Cappa, Zoya Cherkasova, Matteo Feurra, Svetlana Malyutina, Yuri Shtyrov, Olga Dragoy) (2022). Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation modulates action naming over the left but not right Inferior Frontal Gyrus regardless of language lateralization. In Brain structure & function vol. 227, 8 (2022): 2797-2808. doi:10.1007/s00429-022-02574-y.

Sapuntsova, Anna (2018). [Vocalism and grammatical differentiation in Russian clitics]. In Moldovan (Ed.) Proceedings of the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute. Phonetics and Phonology, pp. 68-82 — Moscow.

Sapuntsova, Anna (2017). [Qualitative vowel reduction in Russian clitics and their homonyms as a means of grammatical differentiation]. In Aleshkovskiy, Andrianov, Antipov (Eds.) Proceedings of the Lomonosov-2017 International conference for students, doctoral students and young researchers — Moscow: MAKS Press. ISBN 978-5-317-05504-2.