Financing graduate study

It is essential to have your funding in place before you start your graduate course.  Most of the available scholarships are awarded on admission and it is very unlikely that you would get a major award once you have started on your course.  We have detailed below the scholarships and bursaries support by our generous alumni (former students). There are more sources of graduate scholarship on the University website.

You will automatically be considered for awards that are made jointly by LMH and the relevant department.  If you have accepted a place at another college, you will still be considered for these awards but will be asked to move to LMH to take up that award. 

For on course students, there is also access to small grants for academic expenses, including giving papers at conferences, and a hardship fund for unforeseeable circumstances. In common with all other colleges in the University, LMH is able to offer places only to graduate students who can demonstrate they have sufficient funding, which students do by completing a Financial Declaration (more information on Financial Declarations can be found on the University website).

LMH Graduate Scholarships

LMH is actively raising money for graduate scholarships.  Our ambition is that no student of high academic potential should be turned away because of lack of funding.

For students starting in October 2024

LMH Graduate Scholarships and Bursaries for 2024/25

This page will be updated in due course once all available LMH scholarship details have been finalised. 








Course Fees

Course fees for graduate students are published as a single figure (in previous years, there were separate figures for university fees and college fees). Course fees will vary according to your programme of study and your fee status. University and college services are included in the course fees you pay and are divided between the University (including your department and/or faculty) and the College.

Course fees are payable for each year of study (i.e. for the duration of your fee liability). Please note that course fees and living costs usually increase annually. Course fees are also payable to the College with the exception of a small number of courses that are delivered by the Saïd Business School and the Department for Continuing Education (they collect fees directly). It is important to note that course fees for the full academic year are payable annually in advance – no later than Week 1 in the term you commence your studies.

Full details of course fees can be found on the University's Fees via the button below.

Living Costs

(2023/24 rates)

Accommodation charges for graduates living in College range from £138 to £196 per week, (figures as of 2023-24) which are due termly. There is no additional charge for water, gas or electricity for on-site College accommodation.

College meals are very popular and considered good value. The College uses a cashless payment system which allows students to top-up their credit and take as many or as few meals in Hall as they like. Graduates students also dine free at the first three formal halls each term (weekly 3-course dinners), after which they are charged at a subsidised rate. This is regardless of whether you live on-site or off-site!

You will also receive an annual free printing allowance of 600 sheets (over which there is a small charge). There is also a small fee for membership of the Middle Common Room (the graduate student body in the college).

See the University website for more information about living costs.