A baby being christened in the LMH Chapel

Baptism marks the start of the Christian journey, and in baptism we become a member of the Church, the body of Christ, and most years there are baptisms here at LMH as students decide that they wish to make a commitment to the Christian faith.  If you think that this may be right for you then please do speak to the Chaplain.

Many people wish to celebrate the birth of a child with the sacrament of Baptism. The family and friends of the child promise to help them grow up as a Christian.

Baptisms may be conducted in Chapel for children born to, or adopted by, the following:

  • A current Fellow, student or member of staff
  • A former Fellow or student of the College or member of staff
  • Those with other connections – for instance, the close family of current members of College – may be accommodated. Please ask.

The Chaplain will be pleased to meet you and discuss your hopes for your child and the meaning of growing up as a Christian today. However, please be aware that the life of the College Chapel is designed for staff and students to worship together as a community. Its pattern of services and activities is not suitable for the nurture of little Christians! For this reason, those wishing to have their child baptised here will need to have other arrangements in place for regular worship in a parish church or similar.

You do not need to be Anglican to have your child baptised in Chapel. With rare exceptions (e.g. Mormons) Christians of all denominations recognise Baptisms conducted according to the rites of the Church of England. If you wish the minister or priest of your own Church or denomination to take part in the service, then please do not hesitate to ask.