The Director of Chapel Music Paul Burke composing two students in the Chapel Choir inside the Chapel.

Choral Scholars play a vital role in leading the rest of the choir; they act as section leaders, and need to be strong sight-readers and committed to the choir’s activities. These roles are very rewarding, and are excellent experience for anyone interested in singing!

At LMH there are four choral scholars and four deputies. They all receive three free singing lessons per term, with our singing teacher Jeremy Kenyon; opportunities for solos and paid extra services; the right to wear a scholar’s gown; and an annual stipend of £350 (scholars only). This is in addition to all the other perks of singing with LMH Chapel Choir - free meals on Fridays following SCR drinks, lots of fun choir socials, and singing a wide range of repertoire to a good standard in a relaxed environment.

Selection is by audition at the beginning of each Michaelmas term – usually sometime during Week 1, after you've already had a taste of Chapel Choir during Freshers' Week. Auditions comprise singing a piece of your choice with piano accompaniment, one or two pieces of sight-reading (also with piano accompaniment), and a brief chat; probably all lasting 15 minutes in total. Your own-choice piece can really just be anything which you're comfortable singing – a solo aria or classical song is great if there's one you know well, but if not something like a hymn tune or folksong is completely fine too. The audition panel is made up of the Director of Chapel Music and the Organ Scholars. We're all very friendly and auditions are very informal; it's just a chance for us to get to know you and your voice a bit better.

Please do contact the Director of Chapel Music if you have any questions, need advice, or just want to find out more. We’d be really glad to have you as part of the team of scholars at LMH!

A picture of five LMH Choir Scholars standing together in the LMH Chapel.

Scholars: Susannah Hill, Emily Capon, Robert Kelly, Stephen Marriott

Deputies: Jewel Bennett, Chiara Leonardi, Sebastian Culpepper