LMH Chapel (photo credit: Ben Robinson)

The Chapel

The Chapel at LMH is an open and inclusive community and everyone, and ‘everyone’ really does means everyone, is welcome.

Hilary Term 2021

Please see the Chapel Services and Events page for details on what Chapel services are available in Hilary Term 2021.

The Chapel is part of the Deneke set of buildings and is hard to miss on the outside, but its entrance is easy to walk past if you are heads down and heading for the dining hall.  Look left as you enter the main building and it is at the end of the corridor just past the Accounts offices.  The Chapel is open every day for prayer, (if you are the praying sort), silence, to light a candle or just enjoy the atmosphere. 

All members of College - Fellows, undergraduates, graduates and members of staff- are welcome to attend services in Chapel, as are members of the public: see the Services and Events page for details. These are Christian services, including a termly Roman Catholic mass; please see also our page about Non-Christian Faith Groups and places to worship in Oxford.

The Chapel Hallway in the Deneke building at LMH

Reverend Andrew Foreshew-Cain

The Chaplain is here for all members of college, and not just for those who attend Chapel.  He is part of the welfare team and is happy to meet or assist any member of College and can direct you to sources of help and guidance if needed.

He is also happy to talk to any current or Old Members about preparation for baptism and/or confirmation, and weddings to be arranged in the Chapel.

Andrew FC

Chapel Committee

Director of Chapel Music: Paul Burke

Senior Organ Scholar: Ceri Yan

Junior Organ Scholar: Jim Bates

MCR Representative for Chapel and Choir: Sungwon Han

Transgender Pride Flag, LMH Chapel Logo and LGBTQ Flag