Foundation Year English tutorial (credit: Ben Robinson)

All admissions interviews take place online, and you can find out more information about them on the University website. 

Please note, the videos below refer to in-person interviews (this was the interview format prior to 2020). The information about the content of the interviews will still be relevant for online interviews.

You will receive notification of whether you have been shortlisted for interview at least one week before your online interview. The timetable for online interviews will be published by the University nearer the time. It is important to keep the dates of your potential interviews free. If you need any particular adjustments for interview (e.g. extra reading time for a pre-interview reading exercise), please let us know as soon as possible on:

Although you apply for a particular college (or if your application is open you will be assigned to a particular college), you may also be interviewed by other colleges. The colleges work together to identify the best candidates across the University for each subject.

Potential students are normally given at least two interviews each of 20-30 minutes at LMH. Each is usually with a small group of tutors. Most people get rather nervous about interviews, and we try to put you at ease. Interviews are not cross-examinations, but a way to investigate ability and potential.