Events are a great way to keep in touch with the college community and provide alumni and friends with the opportunity to find out what is happening at LMH today.

We arrange a varied and extensive programme of events and hope there is something for everyone.

We are increasingly sending event invitations via email, therefore please ensure that we have your email address. Alternatively, please do let us know if you are not on email, and we will be very happy to send you postal invitations.

Our events calendar includes events beyond Oxford - in other parts of the UK, as well as overseas. We warmly welcome feedback, as well as new, innovative ideas and contributions that can help expand our events programme.

We often take photographs at our events to share with the LMH community in publications, on the website, our Facebook page, and sometimes they are digitally distributed to attendees after the event. If you have concerns about your image being used for these purposes, or would prefer to not have your photo taken, please contact a member of the Development Office.

Please see below for our events calendar.

Graduation ceremonies

The LMH Development office looks after graduation ceremonies for current and historic students of the college. These pages contain all the information relating to the degree ceremony process.

LMH graduands