Some subjects set written tests to be taken in schools or test centres. You should determine whether this is true of your subject early on in the application process, as you may need to register for the tests.

These tests may be used to determine whether you will be offered an interview. They are intended as aptitude tests and do not require any particular preparation. You should, however, download the specimen test papers available for your subject, because that will allow you to familiarise yourself with the format of the test. 

For details of which subjects set tests, dates of those tests and specimen papers, please see the central admissions website.

In other subjects there may be written tests set at the time of interviews.  However, there will be no 'surprise' tests - you will know in advance of anything you will be expected to do.

LMH student (photo credit: Ben Robinson)

Written Work

In some subjects you are asked to send in some written work. To find out more you will need to consult the 'How to Apply' section in the central University website for your chosen course

You should not write something especially for written work required, but send us some marked work you have done at school, with a cover sheet completed by the school.

Do keep your own copy, as work cannot be returned, and you may be asked to discuss it at interview.