Oxford does not offer broad and general undergraduate degrees. Its particular place in higher education is a highly specialist focus on each separate academic discipline.

Subject Tutors, not surprisingly, care about the subject in which they are experts. They also care about the intellectual and personal development of their students.

Throughout the admissions process Tutors are looking for students who have already excelled academically, and who can demonstrate high-level analytical skills and strong aptitude and potential for further specialist work in their chosen subject.

Tutors are also looking for students with voracious intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, love of their subject, and the discipline and energy to succeed.

If students are to get the most out of the exceptional opportunity of the Oxford tutorial system, they need to be able to work independently and communicate clearly both on paper and in discussion. Tutors are looking for students who can present and defend their ideas well but also be open to new insights.

LMH Physics tutor, Prof Todd Huffman