Accommodation costs at LMH (2023/24)

For comparison with other colleges the weighted average charge for undergraduate rooms at LMH normalised to 175 days, including utilities and services is £5,490.14.

The most common accommodation charge that undergraduates actually pay at LMH, including utilities and services is £6029.10. This is higher because LMH actually offers 186 days accommodation on a 27 week contract. In addition, we have a limited number of 37 week contracts available with a discounted nightly rate.

Numbers of on-site and off-site rooms with and without en-suite facilities:

  • Number of en-suite rooms on site: 226
  • Number of non-en-suite rooms on site: 176
  • There is no off-site accommodation for undergraduate students.

Room types

In a typical year there are around 390 single study bedrooms available for undergraduates, just over 180 of which are en-suite. These are located in a range of different buildings from some of the first at LMH, built at the turn of the 20th century, to the more recent Pipe Partridge buildings opened in 2010. The study bedrooms themselves have a range of styles.

Most first year and visiting students are housed in non en-suite rooms in some of our more historic buildings including Deneke, Wolfson West and Eleanor Lodge. These buildings typically have small communal kitchens and residents share bathroom facilities with 6-8 students. In subsequent years JCR students can choose their rooms through our ballot system, which gives you the opportunity to live in our more modern buildings such as Pipe Partridge where all rooms have en-suite facilities. Our two tower blocks, Kathleen Lea and Lucy Sutherland, also have en-suite rooms and large kitchens with space for communal dining and living.

Accommodation periods

We provide accommodation for undergraduates throughout term-time (three periods of 9 weeks each, from the Sunday of 0th week to the Saturday of 8th week) and are able to offer some accommodation during vacations upon request at a standard nightly charge. We offer a limited number of accommodation contracts for undergraduate students than run continuously from the start of Michaelmas Term to the end of Trinity Term (although in most cases you will need to move rooms during the vacations).

Some courses will have exams or other assessments arranged by the department which are outside the dates we normally offer accommodation, in 9th and 10th week of each term - please check your exam schedule before booking flights or planning holidays. Students affected by this may stay in their term-time room until the day after their last exam, without further charge.

Limited lockable storage is available in most rooms and in other communal storage spaces so that you can leave some belongings at LMH over the vacations.

Required residence

Students are required to be in College during 'full term' (Weeks 1 to 8) and to arrive by 1pm on the Wednesday in the week before full term (0th week - pronounced 'noughth week') for tutor meetings and collections (College examinations). New students will start on the Monday of 0th week in their first term for the Induction week, and thereafter should arrive by 1pm on the Wednesday of 0th week at the latest. Term dates for current and future academic years can be found on