Decision making process

The Governing Body of Lady Margaret Hall comprises the Principal and Fellows.  It is constituted and regulated in accordance with the College Statutes, which are made from time to time by order of Her Majesty in Council in accordance with the Royal Charter of 17 March 1926, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923.  The Governing Body has responsibility for the direction and management of the affairs of the College.

The Governing Body makes decisions with the help of College committees.

Decisions are made in accordance with the College's Bye-Laws and Regulations.  The College's mission statement and strategic objectives underlie its decisions. 

Decisions are made in the context of intercollegiate policy decisions agreed amongst the Conference of Colleges and of the overall structure and governance of the central University.

A diagram of the management structure of the College is available in pdf format.

Records of decisions

The College's Annual Accounts and Annual Reports record financial and strategic decisions.

Key decisions about the operation of the College are recorded in the minutes of Governing Body, which are available on request.

Document formats and fees

Printed versions of all documents produced by Lady Margaret Hall and referred to on this page are available. A fee may be charged.