LMH is proud to join the University in offering students with refugee status support to come and study in Oxford.

In summer 2022 we appealed to LMH alumni to donate £20,000 to fund a graduate scholarship for a Ukrainian Refugee. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We raised a total of £56,000 - more than enough to fund the scholarship - and a Ukrainian refugee will study for a masters at LMH beginning in October.

We want to broaden our offer of support to students from other countries affected by conflict, and so we have joined the University's Refugee Academic Futures Scheme.

What is the Refugee Academic Futures Scheme?

The Refugee Academic Futures scheme will offer financial support to pursue graduate study at Oxford to students who are refugees or other people with lived experience of displacement. It is jointly funded by the University and LMH, and provides the recipient with a tuition fee waiver and living cost grant. You can find out more information about the scheme, including who is eligible and what the student receives, on the University website.

Every £20,000 we raise is another student that we can support. Thanks to LMH alumni, we can already offer a scholarship in 2023. You can help us continue this opportunity for future generations.