Main points

  • Many of our Graduate rooms are located in our Clore Graduate Centre opened in 2016, with en-suite facilities and adjacent to the new Middle (Graduate) Common Room - the MCR.
  • Other Graduate accommodation is available in historic buildings across the college site.
  • Our on site Graduate rooms are offered at four price bands, dependent on the room size and facilities. For 2023/24 range from around £138 per week to £196 per week.
  • Our standard Graduate agreements run for 39 weeks, enabling you to stay in College continuously through term-time and vacations. Students have the option to extend their agreements over the summer period for up to 51 weeks in total.
  • Several members of our Middle Common Room Executive are automatically entitled to College accommodation.


LMH Graduate kitchen (photo credit: Ben Robinson)

LMH accommodates its graduate students in single study bedrooms at our main site in North Oxford. With more than 10 acres of beautiful grounds and excellent facilities, this is definitely a treat! For 2023/24 LMH will also be offering some off-site rooms to graduates through the College’s leased private accommodation in other areas of Oxford.

We aim to accommodate as many graduate students as possible each year, and particularly try to support new students and students new to Oxford or the UK, but please note that no student is guaranteed University or College accommodation and that College accommodation will only be offered to those on full-time courses. It is unusual for a graduate student to be able to have an offer of more than one year in College accommodation.

Accommodation costs at LMH (2023/24)

For comparison with other colleges the weighted average charge for graduate rooms at LMH normalised to a standard rental period, including utilities and services is  £6,604.41

The most common accommodation charge that undergraduates actually pay at LMH, including utilities and services is £7,327.20.  This figure is based on staying for 301 days

The minimum cost per person of living in LMH owned or managed accommodation off-site is £8372.

Picture of a Graduate room at LMH showing a desk and a chair
Picture of Graduate room at LMH showing a bed and a window

On-site accommodation

Rooms vary in age and design across different buildings so we do not have 'standard' or 'typical' rooms; the main difference between price bands will be the size of the room (with Band C being the smallest, Band B medium-sized and Band A the largest). All en-suite rooms are charged at the highest A+ Band and are located in the Clore Graduate Centre. Rents for all on-site rooms are inclusive of utility bills and limited cleaning services. All rooms will have a College ethernet point and wireless network connectivity and will be fitted with standard furniture.

Students are asked to sign an Accommodation Agreement with the College which is designed to offer some protection both to the resident and the College. Our standard graduate accommodation agreements run for 39 weeks from the end of September, enabling you to stay in College continuously through term-time and vacations. Students have the option to extend their agreements over the summer period for up to 51 weeks in total. 

Clore Graduate Centre

The Clore Graduate Centre, located at the front of the College site, contains over 30 graduate bedrooms spread over three floors and is also the site of the Graduate Common Room (MCR), MCR Guest Room and one of our laundry rooms. There is lift in the building for access to all floors. The bedrooms are a medium to large size with space for studying, sleeping and relaxing and each room features an en-suite bathroom pod with a shower, sink and toilet. The building has several large kitchens with plenty of space for communal dining and living, typically shared between 6-10 residents. All of the bedrooms in this building are charged at our highest A+ price band (for 2023/24, this is charged at £196.33 per week).

Clore Graduate Centre
Clore Graduate Bedroom

Fyfield Road and The Cottage

Graduate accommodation is also provided in a number of the College's houses along Fyfield Road, which borders the main College site, and in The Cottage which is a self-contained house near the Chapel. There are a range of non en-suite bedrooms available here covering A, B and C grades. These rooms vary in size, style and age but are typically arranged in smaller flats of around three bedrooms which share bathroom and kitchen facilities. 

Fyfield Road Accommodation

Old Old Hall and New Old Hall

Within the main College site graduate students are also housed in some of our most historic buildings including Old Old Hall and New Old Hall. There are a range of small to large, A to C grade, non en-suite bedrooms with access to shared bathroom facilities. These buildings are arranged in a more typical 'Hall of Residence' format and contain small pantries with basic kitchen equipment which are typically shared between 5 to 8 residents.

New Old Hall

University Graduate accommodation

The University's Graduate Accommodation Services also lets and manages rooms, flats and houses on University-owned sites in and around Oxford City Centre, which are available for full-time graduate students. A number of these rooms have been reserved for LMH students for 2023/24:

10 single en-suite rooms with shared kitchen facilities at Castle Mill.

You can express an interest in one of these rooms when applying for LMH College accommodation, through our accommodation survey. If we are able to put you forward for a room then your details will be passed onto the GAO - your accommodation offer and contract with then be handled directly by them. The room contracts will usually run from September to July.

The GAO also manages a range of other accommodation across the City, which you may wish to apply for - they have a separate application process for this (please see details below under 'Other Accommodation in Oxford').

How to apply for Graduate accommodation

If you have successfully secured an offer at Lady Margaret Hall, please expect to find more information on how to apply for College accommodation in your College Offer Letter. If you are applying for our accommodation you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire to help us find out what type of accommodation you require and any preferences you may have. You will be automatically added to a waiting list and may be offered a room subject to availability - this could be very soon after joining the waiting list or at a later date, as the College will make accommodation offers between March and September each year. Unfortunately we do not have enough graduate accommodation for all students who apply, and joining the waiting list does not guarantee that we will be able to offer you a room in College. It is currently our policy to prioritise students for College accommodation who have disability considerations and those who are international (overseas). If we are able to make you an accommodation offer then you will be contacted directly by our Accommodation Office with further details.

Other accommodation in Oxford

If LMH is not able to offer you any College-managed accommodation, or you would prefer to live outside of the College, then you may wish to look into the following options for local accommodation.

  • The University Graduate Accommodation Office lets and manages rooms, flats and houses on sites owned by the University in and around Oxford City Centre which are available for students working for a second degree.
  • All Oxford Colleges manage their own accommodation and some will offer rooms to students from outside their own student body, so you can also contact their accommodation teams directly.
  • Oxford SU offer useful advice on living-out and searching for accommodation in Oxford.