Visiting Students

Undergraduate Visiting Students

Visiting Students are very welcome at Lady Margaret Hall as we believe that they enrich the life of the college. Explore these pages to learn more about the programmes of study available, and how to apply.

The programme

We aim to accept 30 undergraduate Visiting Students each year, the majority of them on a full-year programme. LMH offers a broad range of subjects for Visiting Students, and we are keen to receive applications across the disciplines. Visiting Students are a fully-integrated part of college life and are housed on site in possibly Oxford’s most beautiful grounds.

Students can apply to the Programme either through their home institution's study abroad office or through one of our partner agencies or university consortiums (please see Visiting Student Programme Office).

We welcome applications from students who have a strong academic record and demonstrate the motivation and maturity to thrive in Oxford’s intensive academic programme. 

For further information, please view our FAQs

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3 Colleges Session

(St Anne’s, Hertford & LMH)

Below is a recording of a session held on Nov 18th 2021.  It consists of a short introduction (15 minutes) to studying in Oxford followed by an open Q & A (45 minutes) in which the students attending asked their own questions.  Those presenting and answering are:

Dr Fiona Spensley (Director of Visiting Students, Lady Margaret Hall) – email:

Andrew Williams (Co-Director of Visiting Students, Lady Margaret Hall) - email:

Dr Josephine Reynell (Director of the Visiting Student Programme, Hertford College) email:

Kirsten Jellard (Director, Programmes and Networks, St Anne's College) – email:

The Programme Office

LMH Visiting Students have access to all of the resources of the College normally available to our undergraduates. In addition, the Visiting Student Office provides support to students on academic and personal matters and organises social events especially for Visiting Students.

Visiting Student Programme Team

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our Visiting Student Programme, take a look at our FAQs section.