A note from the LMH Treasurer

Lady Margaret Hall was an employer with 203 full-pay relevant employees on 5 April 2022.  At this date, Lady Margaret Hall had a Mean Gender Pay Gap of 11.8% and a Median Gender Pay Gap of 20.6%. 

  1. Of the 50 employees in the lower quartile, 18 are male and 32 are female. This means 36% are male and 64% are female.
  2. Of the 51 employees in the lower middle quartile, 24 are male and 27 are female. This means 47% are male and 53% are female.
  3. Of the 51 employees in the upper middle quartile, 25 are male and 26 are female. This means 49% are male and 51% are female.
  4. Of the 51 employees in the upper quartile, 27 are male and 24 are female. This means 53% are male and 47% are female.

The mean and median gender pay gaps arise from combining two different distributions. Males make up 54% of academics but only 43% of the support staff. When these populations are disaggregated, the median gaps are zero or negative as shown in the following table. 


Analysis of Gender Pay Gap reports by Support Staff and Academic Staff for 2022

Department         Mean Gender Pay Gap     Median Gender Pay Gap

Support Stuff             3.4%                                  Negative 4.3%

Academic Staff          4.2%                                  Zero

Lady Margaret Hall takes matters of equality seriously.  The above figures have been reported to and discussed at the College’s Governing Body.  I am authorised as an appropriate person to make the above disclosure on behalf of the College.  I confirm that these figures are accurate in all material respects. 

Andrew Macdonald


February 2023

This reporting is in accordance with UK Government guidance, which can be viewed here.