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Study Skills

Promoting Academic Wellness at LMH

LMH was the first Oxford college to launch a Study Skills centre to support our undergraduate and postgraduate students in developing effective and sustainable study habits.

Who we are

Lady Margaret Hall has two specialist Study Skills Lecturers who are available to meet with all students attached to the college, to provide guidance and advice about academic skills and learning development. We run group sessions, workshops, and seminars throughout term. We also have regular drop-in sessions for quick advice, as well as bookable one-to-one tutorials, in which we can provide confidential advice tailored to individual circumstances. Our aim is to ensure that all LMH students are well-equipped to make the most out of their time in Oxford and to thrive in their studies.

Dr Edward Sutcliffe

Lecturer in Study Skills (focusing on Humanities and Social Sciences)

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Dr Thomas Player

Lecturer in Study Skills (focusing on Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences, and Medical Sciences)

A man with short brown hair and dark rimmed glasses

Make a booking

If you are a current LMH student and would like to arrange a meeting with us then please get in touch. 

What we can help with

We are available to meet with LMH students at all levels, including visiting students and postgraduate students. You can contact us directly to request a meeting, or you might find that your tutors or other college staff advise you to come to see us. We can support you in developing your skills and in establishing effective and sustainable study habits in relation to issues such as:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Writing essays
  • Planning projects
  • Taking effective notes
  • Critical thinking
  • Scheduling revision
  • Preparing for exams
  • Balancing academic pressures with other work
  • Motivation
  • Perfectionism

For details of how to book an individual meeting, as well as information about workshops, drop-in sessions, and other events, see our regular email bulletins or check the study skills notice board in Deneke. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Trinity term sessions

The Study Skills team will be running a variety of regular drop-in sessions and other events for students throughout Trinity term. You can download the full schedule below.

How to contact us

Email :

Visit us: Room 8, Old Old Hall

Telephone: 01865 274384

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Frequently asked questions

Do you only work with students whose marks are poor?

No. We work with students at all levels, and can help you to set realistic targets. We often work with students who are producing good work, but are having difficulty meeting deadlines and making time for non-academic interests.

Can you help scientists as well as humanities students?

Yes. Study skills is not just about essays! Get in touch if you would like to talk about how we can help you.

Is there a waiting list?

No. We are usually able to see students the same week they make contact with us, and sometimes on the same day. If you would like to see us urgently, email

Can we have our meeting online?

Yes. when you book you will have the option of requesting an online meeting on teams. However, where possible, we encourage you to attend in person if you are in Oxford.

Can you provide subject-specific advice?

No. We offer support with generic academic skills, but we are not a substitute for your subject tutors. If you have questions that are specific to your discipline, or problems with your course, talk to your personal tutor or the senior tutor before seeing us.

I am not at LMH, can you still help me?

Unfortunately not. A growing number of colleges are now following LMH’s lead and providing their own study skills support. Talk to your personal tutor to find out what might be available within your own college, or contact your department to see if they can help.

I am a postgrad student, can I still book a session?

Yes. We work with all LMH students and will be happy to see you. If you are a DPhil student, you may wish to consider talking to your supervisors and your college advisor about your academic skills before coming to see us.

Where can I find out about future events?

Workshops and seminars are advertised internally. See our regular email bulletin, or check the Study Skills noticeboard in Deneke. We run events on most Wednesday afternoons during full term.

Can I see you without booking?

Yes. We have regular drop-in sessions from 2pm-3pm on Mondays and Thursdays during full term. No need to book, just knock on our door (Room 8, Old Old Hall).

Resources for Academic Wellness

The LMH library has a good selection of study skills books, just to the left of the main doors as you exit.

Many books with useful advice about academic skills can also be accessed online via SOLO. For instance:

The University Counselling Service has podcasts covering topics including perfectionism, motivating yourself to study, and dealing with exam stress. See the full list here:

The University of Oxford has centralised advice on academic skills here: