Programme of financial support for LMH UK Undergraduates

A very generous gift has been received from an alumna of the College who attended LMH in the early 1970s. In those days students were sent a list of what they ‘must bring’ and she thought she might not be able to take up her place until a former teacher kindly loaned her some of the items.

The Coombe Fund aims to reduce the financial concerns of students from low-income families, who might be deterred from applying, taking up or continuing to hold their place for financial reasons. The gift is intended for qualifying UK undergraduates to help with buying the things they need at this important time in their lives. Expenses might include, for example, a bicycle, laptop, books and sub fusc and ‘smart’ clothing. Awards of up to £1000 will be made.

Repeat applications are welcome.

Who would be entitled to a grant?

UK undergraduates will be eligible for the grant and should come from a family with an income of below £42,875. Evidence of income will be required.


How will the recipient receive the grant?

Eligible students will receive a list of items for which they can receive financial support.  They will then produce a budget and submit that to the Academic Registrar who will arrange for the grant to be paid. Once the items are purchased, the student will supply copies of the receipts to the value of the grant.  If a recipient does not supply the receipts the value of the grant or part of the grant will be batteled to them.

If there are items they need, which are specific to their course and are not on the list, students will be able to make a special request which will be considered by the Academic Registrar and Senior Tutor.

Some items will be subject to a financial limit which for 2022 / 2023 will be as follows:

  1. Bike and essential accessories (helmet, lights, D lock) up to £300
  2. Computer up to £450
  3. Books (if not covered by other grants) up to £150
  4. Sub Fusc and associated clothing[1] to £150. 

As part of the request for funds the grant recipient will sign to confirm that if they leave LMH during their first year they will return all items valued at £100 or more.

[1] see

The application form is available on the CORe website.