Visiting Students Group 2016
Anna Caltabiano

Brown University

Anna enjoyed the fact that the majority of her tutorials were one-on-one, working closely with faculty members across the University.

Anna Caltabiano
Lilly Constance

James Madison University

Lilly says that the welcoming atmosphere at LMH made settling into College life so much easier

Lilly Constance
Laura James

Case Western Reserve University

Laura talks about her experiences of LMH boat club

Laura James
Andrew Franklin

Duke University

Andrew talks about his LMH experience, starting from the day he arrived here.

Andrew Franklin, Visiting Student from Duke University
David Greenberg

American University, Washington DC

David can't think of a better place than LMH to spend a junior year abroad.

David Greenberg, visiting student from American University Washington DC
James Hacker

George Washington University

James quickly integrated into the wider LMH community.

James Hacker, visiting student from George Washington University
Amy Kao

Carnegie Mellon University

Amy says studying abroad at LMH was one of the best experiences of her life.

Amy Kao, visiting student from Carnegie Mellon University
Anna Lapp

Ohio State University

Lady Margaret Hall is a world of its own.

Anna Lapp, visiting student from Ohio State University
Rebecca Lessard

Stonehill College

The eight weeks Rebecca spent at LMH was the most intellectually empowering academic experience she has ever had.

Rebecca Lessard, visiting student from Stonehill College
Lindsey Meyers

Brown University

At LMH Lindsey enjoyed exploring the College's intellectually and culturally diverse academic community.

Lindsey Meyers, visiting student from Brown University
Abby Novick

Haverford College

LMH is a fantastic college for study abroad students.

Abby Novick, visiting student from Haverford College
Emily Pfefer

American University, Washington DC

Being able to live on campus has been crucial in Emily’s experience.

Emily Pfefer, visiting student from American University Washington DC
Joseph Rees

American University, Washington DC

Joe's year at LMH prepared him for graduate level work.

Joseph Rees, visiting student from American University Washington DC
Liz Thiers

Northwestern University

LMH was the perfect match for Liz.

Liz Thiers, visiting student from Northwestern University

Ben Walters

Haveford College

Studying at Oxford was a multi-faceted educational experience.

Andrea Xu

University of California, Berkeley

Coming from a large university, Andrea appreciated the intimacy LMH had to offer and the community she was able to integrate herself into.

Andrea Xu, visiting student from University of California Berkeley