LMH students play in the Chapel

Music Society

Music thrives at LMH. Our Music Society brings together undergraduates, postgraduates, fellows, lecturers, and staff who play or simply love listening to music. LMH boasts an organ, a two-manual harpsichord, a first-rate Steinway A grand piano, and 6 other grand pianos. Music events range from a termly Jazz concert to opportunities to hear distinguished musicians. A new initiative are instrumental lessons for non-music students, designed to encourage those who wish to pursue musical study.

LMH musician (photo credit: Ben Robinson)

Music Society Freshers' Booklet

The latest news for Michaelmas Term 2018, from the President and Treasurer of the society. 

LMH musicians (photo credit: Ben Robinson)

Whether you are a jazz musician, a choral singer, or soloist of any genre, we would love to have you on board.

Hannah Culver, Music Society President (Music 2014)