Studied at Oxford: English Literature

Home university: Ohio State University

Studied at home: English Literature


Coming from a school with 40,000 undergrads I was a bit intimidated by the smallness of Oxford’s collegiate system, and the intimacy of the tutorial setting. But by exploring my subject with personal attention and critiques, I have come away with a new outlook on academia. The tutorial system gave me the autonomy to study literature with precision and depth, and I can now happily write an essay on a time-crunch!

Simply put, Lady Margaret Hall is a world of its own. The people challenge and inspire, making Oxford more than a sphere of academia, but a hub of creativity and forward thinking. The nine months I have spent abroad have been the most challenging and rewarding of my college experience, and I now have memories and friends to last a lifetime. (Also, a cup of tea is always a good idea!)

Anna Lapp, visiting student from Ohio State University