Home university: Brown University


From its excellent tutorials to its beautiful grounds and welcoming College life, Lady Margaret Hall has much to commend itself to the American student interested in capturing the quintessential experience of studying at Oxford.  What I most fondly remember are the unexpected joys of becoming lost and found in translation at Oxford.  Because we as Americans share so much in common with our British cousins, I did not expect to find a vocabulary of difference at Oxford.  However, at LMH I became a part of a wonderful academic community where tutors were professors and tutorials were seminars with me as the only student. 

I encourage you to embrace the happy process of becoming lost and found in translation at Oxford.  Indeed, I can think of no better way for anyone to spend their junior year abroad than at Lady Margaret Hall.  You will find Oxford to be socially, intellectually and culturally diverse.  And I encourage you to explore this diversity with an open spirit.

Lindsey Meyers, visiting student from Brown University