Studied at Oxford: Politics

Home university: Stonehill College

Studied at home: Political Science and International Studies


I spent the first half of my junior year studying Politics at Lady Margaret Hall.  I can say without hesitation that the eight weeks I spent at LMH was the most intellectually empowering academic experience I have ever had.  The tutorial system enabled me to acquire skills in time management as well as critical thinking.  At first the work was daunting: the book lists were long, the essay questions were vague, and the tutorials themselves were action packed.  But before long the coursework became easier.  I worked closely with my tutors to grasp new concepts and defend my arguments.  When the eight week term came to a close I certainly had a new sense of confidence in my academic capabilities.

Outside of the classroom Lady Margaret Hall offered countless opportunities for students to develop intellectually, athletically, musically—or wherever their interests lie.  I found myself suited up on the football field (soccer field) each weekend competing against the various colleges around Oxford University.  I made lasting friendships with students from all corners of the world, and partook in experiences I will never forget.  I cannot speak fondly enough of the time that I spent at Lady Margaret Hall, and I encourage all students seeking a rewarding academic challenge to become a part of the welcoming LMH community.

Rebecca Lessard, visiting student from Stonehill College