Studied at Oxford: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Home university: American University, Washington DC

Studied at home: Politics


Upon arriving to Lady Margaret Hall last October, I was a bit overwhelmed.  New country, new school, no lift to get my stuff to my top floor room and living in a place that, while beautiful, seemed to my jet-lagged brain to be ages away from town.  Fast-forward nine months and all these concerns form the foundation of why I don't want to leave and would love to come back.

I've come to love the little quirks that make England England, the amazing gardens, the sprawling footpaths, the clever wordplay and whole different set of common terms.  Oxford students work hard and play hard, cliché as it may be.  The pace of life is a bit slower here, a fact I've come to treasure coming from my last two years living on the East coast in the US.

The tutorial system at Oxford is quite unique and especially for visitors allows immense flexibility to etch out your interests and run with them.  I've been very grateful for the flexibility I've been allowed this year.

As for that top floor room, I wasn't left to despair. As soon as I arrived, a returning student was around to lend a helping hand, making the task go by quickly. I've come to adore my top floor room.  It has more angles than any I've ever seen, but I must say, it has character and it's gotten to really feel like home.  I'm writing this as I'm about to spend my last night here, and I find that hard to believe.

Situated a bit north of the city centre, LMH's location is actually a great asset.  It is close enough to be accessible but yet far enough to be a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle or tourists.

LMH is also one of the few (as far as I can tell) colleges which lets visiting students live right in college, as opposed to some annex or hotel off-site.  This has been a crucial aspect in my experience, allowing me to really feel just like any other student most of the time.  It was a big choice to choose to leave my home university for an entire year.  At that year's conclusion I can honestly say it's been one of the best choices of my life.

Emily Pfefer, visiting student from American University Washington DC