A photo of Oakley Loudon standing in front of LMH's grass garden

Jenny Rose Carey Head Gardener: Oakley Loudon

When I started at LMH early in 2018, I was attracted to the idea of looking after a single garden; immersing myself as the steward of one distinct place. The LMH gardens are made up of communities of plants, encircling our community, each bringing their own unique character and charm – I am totally enlivened by the work here. My plan is to build upon the essence of what is already here, to steer it in a healthy way and to enable it to flourish. We want to ensure that within LMH’s natural spaces there are bountiful opportunities for enrichment, enjoyment and education.

Within the boundaries of the resources available, I hope that we can bring the gardens back to a vibrancy that is maintainable and manageable, so that we aren’t chasing our tails trying to keep on top of things. It would be wonderful to grow engagement not just within the College, but with the wider horticultural community. We have big ambitions leading up to our 150th Anniversary in 2028, and the team and I are really excited by the idea of leaving our own legacy at LMH. It will all unfurl.