Home university: Carnegie Mellon University

Studied at home: Business Administration


What differentiates Oxford from many other universities is its style of teaching, known as the tutorial system. As opposed to the traditional lecture or seminar classes, students were assigned about 20–30 books to read and were expected to compose two analytical papers every week, each 2,000 words long, arguing the critical topic assigned. Students would then have to sit down with their tutors for an hour and discuss the arguments they made in the essays.

The Oxford tutorial system challenged me to take on new perspectives in my studies, and even though I only attended class two hours a week (one for each tutorial) at LMH and spent the rest of the time reading and constructing my papers, I felt intellectually challenged every minute. As a visiting student, I had access to the world-famous Bodleian Library. I never had to purchase any textbooks because the Oxford library system seems to hold just about everything that has ever been published!

Amy Kao, visiting student from Carnegie Mellon University