Studied at Oxford: British History during the Victorian Era, Modern British Government and Politics

Home university: University of California, Berkeley

Studied at home: History, Political Economy


Studying abroad at Lady Margaret Hall was one of the best experiences of my life, and an experience I would encourage everyone to do. Coming from a large university, I appreciated the intimacy LMH had to offer, and the community I was able to integrate myself into. The one-on-one tutorial system is definitely unique to the University of Oxford, and provides a level of academic exploration not typically found at a traditional American institution. I felt challenged in my coursework, and emerged from the term as a stronger writer and student.

Academics aside, the people, both British and American, truly made my time abroad unforgettable. The British students were extremely welcoming, and taught me all there is to know about British culture, from colloquial phrases (which I have brought back with me to the States), to properly brewed English tea to a newfound admiration for the Queen. I truly felt that I was a part of the Oxford experience through the friends I made abroad, friends who have made a positive impact in my life, and who I know I will remain friends with throughout my lifetime.

I was able to experience the best of both worlds while being abroad at LMH; not only was I academically stimulated, but I was also able to fully immerse myself in the British culture and create a lifetime of memories I will always cherish.

Andrea Xu, visiting student from University of California Berkeley