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Find out where you can go if you experience difficulties dealing with academic commitments, are struggling with your academic work, or are experiencing exam-related stress.

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Academic issues

Academic work can become a source of stress; LMH has a huge number of people willing to help and support you in any way we can. 

Academic issues don’t have to be big – they cover everything from needing a book the LMH library doesn’t stock, difficulties talking with a tutor, anxiety about reading lists or feedback, or struggles with the workload. If anything is affecting your work, please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.


Subject specific

If your problem is specific to your degree, your peers, both from your own year, and years above, will be a good point of contact. They are likely to have had experience with the same tutors, lecturers and the workload – they will know what you’re going through and can offer subject specific advice and support.

  • Unless there is a difficulty with those who are teaching you, your tutor, and especially your personal tutor, will be happy to talk with you – and in complete confidence. They will not judge.
  • Dr Anne Mullen is the Senior Tutor  - you can reach her at
  • For those doing Masters or DPhils, you should be able to speak with departmental administrators about the requirements and timelines you need to keep to, and your supervisor(s) should be able to support your project goals and keep you on track. Your college advisor is also a valuable source of support.
  • Reverend Andrew Foreshew-Cain, the Acting Head of Welfare, can help with academic difficulties and also suggest specialist resources. He is very happy to be contacted at or 07812453230.

Oxford Study Skills Centre

If you feel that you need more support with study skills, time management and exam stress, then our new Oxford Study Skills Centre (OSSC) will be able to help you. 

The Oxford Study Skills Centre aims to promote achievement and academic success by helping students to develop effective approaches to learning, including academic essay writing strategies and general study skills. OSSC was established in September 2018 at Lady Margaret Hall and serves undergraduate students from participating colleges across the University of Oxford.


Oxford Study Skills Centre building

Personal / medical factors

If a personal or medical issue is affecting your academic work, do make sure that someone is aware as soon as possible.

  • You can approach your personal tutor or the Acting Head of Welfare to discuss it in confidence, and you may qualify for examination or tutorial support, or further help from the University. Your tutor can take your issues into account when setting work, arranging tutorials or offer subject specific advice.
  • Please do also check out the support available from the LMH Wellbeing Team.

Academic reps

Your JCR or MCR Academic Reps can also help. They are here to help you with any academic concern you have. Your academic rep also organises academic feedback sessions, so this can be a good opportunity anonymously to tell us what is helping your studies and things that we might want to change. The contact details for JCR and MCR academic reps are here.