There is a large range of available courses. Visiting Students would usually be expected to take one of seven outline British History papers or one of eighteen outline General History papers. Some optional further subjects may be available. However there may be restrictions on the terms in which specific papers are available.

LMH History tutors are keen to work with Visiting Students - to see lists of papers that they usually teach, please see their details on the Faculty of History's website:

Courses available

For further details on any of the courses listed below, please consult the History Faculty website.

History of the British Isles: Prelims (first year)

The British Isles, 300-1100

The British Isles, 1000-1330

The British Isles, 1330-1550

The British Isles, 1500-1700

The British Isles, 1688-1848

The British Isles, 1830-1951


European and World History: Prelims (first year)

Transformation of the Ancient World, 370-900

Medieval Christendom and its neighbours, 1000-1300

Renaissance, Recovery and Reform, 1400-1650

Society, Nation and Empire, 1815-1914


History of the British Isles: Final Honour School (second and third year)

The Early Medieval British Isles, 300-1100

The British Isles in the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1330

The late Medieval British Isles, 1330-1500

Reformations and Revolutions, 1500-1700

Liberty, Commerce and Power, 1685-1830

Power, Politics and the People, 1815-1924

Changing Identities, 1900-present


European and World History: Final Honour School (second and third year)

The World of Late Antiquity, 250-650

The Early Medieval World, 200-1000

The Central Middle Ages, 900-1300

The Global Middle Ages, 500-1500

The Late Medieval World, 1300-1525

Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700

Eurasian Empires, 1450-1800

Enlightenments and Revolutions: Europe 1680-1848

From Independence to Empire, America 1763-1898

A Liberal Epoch? Europe 1830-1914

Imperial and Global History, 1750-1930

The Making of Modern America since 1863

Europe Divided, 1914-1989

The Global Twentieth Century, 1930-2003

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent essays relevant to the topics you are interested in pursuing at LMH.

Tutors and lecturers

Dr Grant Tapsell is a Fellow and CUF Lecturer in History

Dr Joshua Bennett is a Tutorial Fellow in History

Dr Lucian Robinson is Stipendiary Lecturer in History

Prof George Garnett is College Lecturer in History

Dr Sophie Nicholls is Stipendiary Lecturer in History