Visiting Students who apply for ‘Classics’ will be able to select their options from a wide range of courses available in the field of Classical Languages and Literature, Ancient History, and Classical Archaeology.  Please review the range of courses on offer below.


Homer “Iliad”
Virgil “Aeneid”
Greek Tragedy
Greek Literature of the Fifth Century BC*
Latin Literature of the First Century BC*
Early Greek Hexameter Poetry (Homer, Homeric Hymns, Hesiod, Epic Cycle)
Ovid ‘Metamorphoses’
Lyric Poetry*
Hellenistic Poetry*
Herodotus' Histories
Catullus & Propertius
Petronius & Juvenal

*These subjects require some prior background in the study of classical literature and a linguistic level above intermediate.  They also cannot be offered as a minor subject.

Ancient History

Athenian Democracy in the Classical Age
The Greek World, 479-403 BC
Alexander the Great and his Early Successors
Roman History, 146-46 BC
Roman History, 46 BC – 54 AD
Roman History, 54 – 138 AD
Augustan Rome
Tacitus and Tiberius
Cicero & Catiline
Religions in the Greek and Roman World from c. 31 BC to AD 312

Classical Archaeology

Greek Art and Archaeology from c. 500 to 300 BC
Art under the Roman Empire, AD 14-337
Greek Vases
Greek Sculpture

Advice on submitted written work

Preferably an essay on a Classical subject of more than 1500 words. Please DO NOT provide multiple choice tests or translation exercises.

Tutors and lecturers

Prof Christina Kuhn is Tutorial Fellow and University Lecturer in Ancient History

Dr Claudia Wagner is Senior Research Fellow in Classical Archaeology

Dr Guy Westwood is Lecturer in Classics (Greek)

Dr Thomas Mannack is Senior Research Fellow in Classical Archaelology

Domenico Giordani is Lecturer in Classics (Latin)