The study of post-classical societies and politics in all parts of the world.

History at LMH

Lady Margaret Hall has a strong tradition of History. This emerges in the excellent provision for the subject in the College Library, in our lively History Society and in the comparatively large number of students we admit for History and the various Joint Schools that combine History with either Ancient History, Modern Languages, or Politics.

Admissions requirements and course information

AAA. More information on other requirements, how to apply, and a typical week can be found here and here. Visit the website of the Faculty of History.

Career prospects

LMH historians have gone on to a wide variety of careers in law, media, publishing, teaching, politics, the civil service, the armed forces, and academia.

What our students say

The History course at Oxford is amazing because it is so varied. Unlike many other subjects, you get to choose your options from the first year, meaning no two people’s experience of the degree will be exactly the same.

Over the course of the three years, there is a requirement to study one medieval, one early modern and one modern paper, as well as two modules of British and two of European/world history. But even within these requirements, you get a choice, meaning you can study anything from the Vikings to Thatcher, China to America, and everything in between. I have especially enjoyed options which include primary sources like novels, cartoons, films and autobiographies because it gave me a chance to use the skills of English Literature, which I loved at school and thought I would have to give up if I did not study it at university.

LMH is a great place to study History and you will probably be taught by College tutors at least once. I am particularly interested in British history, and so it has been an amazing experience to learn from specialists in a variety of British periods at LMH. As I have got to know them over the course of my degree they have been able to offer personal guidance and suggestions for improvement. The College library is very well stocked, but if a book is not there it is only a short cycle into town to the Bodleian Library, which is a copyright library, entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK since 1662! LMH has an active History Society which is a chance to listen to leading academics and get to know people on your course across all three years.

Katie Barron