This three-year course offers the opportunity to study the fascinating civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean World through their written texts and material remains.

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and LMH

LMH has had a very strong tradition in CAAH since its inception and has always had a comparatively large community of CAAH students. It offers a very friendly and supportive environment, in which CAAH students can pursue their special interests in the subject. The college has an excellently equipped library, and subject-based social events are organized on a regular basis which bring together all those at LMH who are interested in the Ancient World.

Admissions requirements and course information

AAA. More information on other requirements, how to apply, and a typical week can be found here and here. Visit the website of the Faculty of Classics.

Career prospects

Our CAAH students have taken many different career paths. They have entered into law, teaching, finance, or journalism, to name only a few fields. Some have stayed in academia and have read for an additional master and doctorate.

What our students say

I have always been interested in the Ancient World so, naturally, the decision to study Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford was an easy one to make. I have found that one of the best things about the course is its incredible variety. In my three years here I have covered a wide range of topics from the rise of Alexander the Great, the archaeology of the Roman Empire, the artistic history of Ancient Egypt and Cicero’s philosophy. The excavation at the end of my first year really stands out to me and was an excellent way of gaining first-hand experience of archaeology outside of the lecture hall. CAAH is also one of the smallest courses offered at Oxford, which means that there is a bit more scope for pursuing your own interests during your time here than with other subjects.

LMH has been a fantastic place to study. While the majority of tutorials, seminars and lectures are organised by the Classics Faculty and take place outside of College, the tutors here are extremely welcoming and supportive and LMH has a lot of resources to help its students.  In my experience, LMH is also one of the friendliest colleges and there is always something to do here.  There are plenty of opportunities for sport, drama, music and other societies so you can really get involved in college life. Overall I have really enjoyed my time at LMH, and Oxford in general, and would definitely recommend the College and the CAAH course!

James Stunt