The LMH Physics tutors will be happy to provide or arrange tutorials for Visiting Students in the courses being taken by our Physics undergraduates in years 1-3. These tutorials are closely linked to the lectures on the same subjects that are given in the Physics Department.  Should a student wish to mix courses from different years (or other departments) a meeting with the Physics tutors to check for scheduling conflicts will be required.

Please click on the Physics tutorials link for information on the courses available.

Most of these tutorials are in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms: Trinity Term is mainly devoted to revision of courses studied earlier in the year.

Visiting Students may also, on request, study one or two 4th year Physics Major Options; these are covered by lectures and departmental classes, but not by college-based tutorials. Visiting Students are usually able to join the relevant departmental classes.

Visiting Students may also attend other Physics Lectures, such as the Short Option Lectures given in Trinity Term. However, there are no tutorials associated with these lectures.

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent pieces of course work or test papers.

Tutors and Lecturers

Professor Gianluca Gregori is a Fellow and Tutor of Physics and a University Lecturer
Professor Todd Huffman is a Fellow and Tutor, and Associate Professor of Physics