Courses available

The courses available to Visiting Students are usually the first and second year courses as listed on the Mathematics Institute (MI) webpage. Most of these tutorials are in Michaelmas (winter) and Hilary (spring) terms: Trinity term is mainly devoted to revision of courses studied earlier in the year.

Very occasionally and after consultation with the subject tutor, a student might be able to take a third (Part B) or fourth year (Part C) course. The student needs to have the requisite background, noting that the courses offered in Oxford are typically very rigorous. In these cases the student would likely take either inter-collegiate classes (between 5 and 12 students per class) as opposed to tutorials or would be given tutorials by a DPhil student.

A student wishing to take courses from different years will need to be aware that these may be timetabled to clash and so various courses combinations may, in practice, be impossible. Courses will generally only be available in the terms in which the lectures are given in the MI.

Applicants are requested to supply descriptions of the courses that they have already followed.

Visiting Students are advised to check the courses offered on the Mathematics Institute course materials page (1st year courses under ‘Prelims’, 2nd year courses under Part A, 3rd and 4th year courses under Part B and C) and to study the various syllabi to fit courses into their home university’s course.

Application procedures

All applications will be considered as a gathered field by our Mathematics tutors after the application deadline.  Shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend a short interview (conducted on an online platform such as MS Teams) with one of our Mathematics tutors and the Director of Visiting Students.

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent pieces of course work or test papers.

Tutors and lecturers

Prof Jochen Koenigsmann is a member of the Mathematical Institute. His interests are in Algebra and Logic.

Prof Michael Monoyios is a member of the Mathematical Institute. His research interests are in Financial Mathematics.

Prof Christina Goldschmidt is a College Fellow and Professor of Probability.

Dr Rolf Suabedissen is a College Lecturer with connections to the Mathematical Institute. His research interests are in General Topology and Set Theory.