This course provides the students with an overview of the main problems, authors, and debates in Theology and the Study of Religion and offers the possibility to specialise in greater detail on specific topics within Theology and the Study of Religion.

Theology and Religion at LMH

LMH has a long history of taking students for Theology or Philosophy & Theology. Results for these two schools in recent years have been very good, with one First in 2004, one First in 2005, two Firsts in 2007, one First in 2008, three Firsts in 2011, and three Firsts in 2012, while in the Preliminary Examination in Theology LMH students gained one Distinction in 2004, two Distinctions in 2005, two Distinctions in 2008, one Distinction in 2009, two Distinctions in 2010, two Distinctions in 2012, and two Distinctions in 2013.


Admissions requirements and course information

AAA. More information on other requirements, how to apply, and a typical week can be found here and here. Visit the website of the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

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What our students say

I have greatly enjoyed studying Theology and Religion at both undergraduate and graduate level at LMH. The course is challenging but incredibly rewarding, encouraging rapid development of a variety of skills. There is plenty of opportunity for tailoring your study to your own interests - I was able to choose papers in Islam and Psychology for example, which I had wanted to study since school. The course no longer holds Christianity as its compulsory focus, and there is scope to study a huge variety of traditions, methods and ideas, should you wish. 

Most importantly however, the expertise and guidance of my tutors has been invaluable. Not only have I received high quality teaching, but when struggling, my LMH tutors arranged the necessary support for me to achieve my academic potential. Aside from academics, LMH has also supported me in my sport, encouraging me in achieving university blues in rowing and football. The Oxford experience can be intense, but I have found LMH to be a grounding and caring community throughout. 

Elena Backhouse