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Telephone number: 01865 (2)78086                        

Role: Senior Research Fellow in Classical Archaeology

Dr Thomas Mannack


I studied Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, and Pre-History at Heidelberg, Oxford, and Kiel, where I submitted my doctoral thesis on Beazley’s Later and Latest Mannerists. I have been working at the Beazley Archive, Oxford, since 1986, where I am in charge of the Archive’s database of Greek figure-decorated pottery, and have taught Greek and Roman Art for 25 years. I am Titular Reader in Classical Iconography since 2006, Lecturer in Classical Archaeology since 2007 and director of the British Academy’s Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Project.

Research interests

Greek pottery, Greek and Roman iconography.


I teach on Greek vase painting, Greek sculpture, Greek art and archaeology and roman art.


Classical Archaeology and Ancient History