In Michaelmas 2021, LMH ran a photo competition open to staff and students receiving lots of fantastic entries! The photos are a testament to the creativity of our community and to the beautiful college that is LMH.

The photos were judged by three LMH support staff who were unaware of the photographers behind each shot. Thanks to Ali Pearson, Aaron Woodley and Marrium Khan.

This winning winter wonderland photo was taken by Chelsea Wallis, who will be awarded the prize.

Photo by Chelsea Wallis - Trees and a building in the snow at LMH

In a close second place was this beautiful artistic photo by student Nier Zhang.

Photo by Nier Zhang - close up of plants waving in front of Talbot Hall

The competition winner Chelsea Wallis also had two photos tied in third place.

Photo by Chelsea Wallis - Pathway, orange tree, fellows lawn and a building at LMH
Photo by Chelsea Wallis - LMH gardens in the snow with a colourful sky

In tied fourth place was LMH Lodge Manager Tanya Hart (trees and sun) and student Michelle Mendieta Mean (flower meadow and Talbot Hall).

Photo by Tanya Hart - Sun shining through trees in front of tennis courts at LMH
Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean - View of Talbot Hall and flower meadow through the archway

We had so many great entries but we would also like to give honourable mentions to Shoriful Haque (fellows lawn), Manav Babel (curtains and snow) and Delphine Boagey (purple flowers) for these fantastic shots!

A collage of three photos - Top: Fellows lawn and a building at LMH approaching sunset, Lower left: A view through the curtains of a snow covered building at LMH, Lower right: A view of an LMH building with beautiful purple flowers in the forground