Many congratulations to Dr Fauzan Adziman, College Lecturer in Engineering, for receiving an Excellence Award by the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, for outstanding achievements throughout 2016.

This award recorgnises Dr Adziman’s efforts in building strategic research links between the University and non-academic organisations/industry. Sponsorships came both from multi-national companies and national institutions, such as The Royal Academy of Engineering UK. He is also the co-funder and director of an Oxford technology spin-off company, enabling game-changer and world-class technologies developed at University of Oxford to be more useful for a wider community.

Dr Adziman teaches Engineering at LMH and his research focuses on computational mechanics of materials, life recovery technologies, transformative manufacturing processes and developing multi-scale mathematical and computer models for wide-range applications in aerospace, energy, automotive, and biomedical sectors.

Dr Fauzan Adziman