Visiting students interested in Management have access to a wide variety of academic and non-academic opportunities while at LMH. We are one of the few Oxford colleges to offer tutorials in Management to visiting students. 

We can offer one Management major (or minor) per term – it is unfortunately not possible to take tutorials solely in Management subjects.

Oxford’s Saïd Business School (SBS) hosts an entry-level core undergraduate course in:

General Management (major or minor)

This course provides an overview of management as a function and as a field of study. It seeks to develop a critical understanding of management theory and practice, and to explore management change across time and national contexts. Concepts such as power, culture, and reward, which are crucial to the management of organisational resources and the production of goods and services, are introduced and critically assessed.  Extensive independent reading is required to be able to complete the tutorial assignments, which are predominantly essay-based but occasionally include a presentation. Students should expect to spend significant time and thought on independent consideration of relevant real-world examples of their own choosing.

Further advanced courses are also available in:

Organisational Behaviour & Analysis (minor only)

By attending lectures and completing the tutorials associated with this course, students will:

  • Understand how individuals behave and the relationship between individual and organisational performance is a key challenge for leaders in modern organisations.
  • Look at the characteristics and processes of industrial groups and organisational characteristics such as structure, culture, change and communication
  • Consider developments in organisation theory in relation to what is work, then is organised in terms of a focus on individual, group and the more macro organisation issues

Strategic Management (minor only)

This course is recommended for students who have also taken our course in General Management. By attending lectures and completing the tutorials associated with this course, students will cover a selection from:

  • Theoretical foundations of strategic management
  • Structural analysis of industries and industry dynamics
  • The resource and capability-based view of the firm
  • Strategy and organisation
  • Nature and sources of competitive advantage and patterns of competition
  • Competitive and co-operative strategies
  • Corporate strategy and competitive advantage
  • International strategy
  • Strategic management in the public sector and not-for-profit organisations
  • Current issues in strategic management

Note: Lectures in Organisational Behaviour are usually only in Hilary term and lectures in Strategic Management are usually only available in Michaelmas term.  It is possible, however, to opt to have the tutorials in any term.

In general, the availability of any course in any term will be dependent on availability of a suitable tutor. We would therefore ask students to be as flexible as possible regarding course choices.  Tutorial options in Management are finalised when students arrive in Oxford and meet with the Director of Visiting Students to discuss their interests.

It is important to note that the study of Management at Oxford tends to differ somewhat to that of other institutions; the course options use primary sources and not textbooks, and the courses are not intended to be functional, but rather scholarly, with the analysis of journal articles.

The Oxford community is a significant source for new science-based and social ventures to solve large and local-scale problems. Thus, students interested in entrepreneurship and social innovation are highly encouraged to get involved with Oxford Entrepreneurs, the largest student-run organization at the university and the Oxford Hub during their stay. Many students also enjoy participating in the student-run investment Alpha Fund

Advice on written work to be submitted

Applicants should submit 2 pieces of work that demonstrate their verbal and quantitative skills of analysis.

Tutors and lecturers

Ruth Tarrant is a Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics