For key contacts for Health and Welfare see: Wellbeing Contacts

For key contacts for living at LMH see:

To find out whom to contact about different issues, see the Whom shall I contact about...? page

To find out about the senior management at LMH, see the College Officers page

Other Key Contacts:

Principal: Professor Stephen Blyth -

Executive Assistant to the Principal: Ms Carla Betts, Miss Emma Farrant (job share) -

Vice-Principal: Prof Todd Huffman

Head of Wellbeing: Dr Nicole Jones  -

College Nurse: Mrs Anne Harpin -

Senior Tutor: Dr Anne Mullen -

Academic Registrar: Ms Catherine Boase-Davies -

Deputy Academic Registrar: Ms Clare Charlesworth -

Admissions Coordinator: Mr Christopher Pidgeon (on secondment until June 2023)

Admissions Coordinator: April

Academic Office Assistant: Elizabeth Iles -

Tutor for Graduates: Dr Fiona Spensley -

Director of Visiting Students: Andrew Williams  -

Chaplain: Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain -

Visiting Student Administrator: Mrs Clare Atkin -

Student Support Co-ordinator: Mrs Clare Atkin -

Dean: Dr David

Student Finance Officer - Justyna

Librarian: Jamie Fishwick-Ford -

Domestic Bursar: Mr Bart Ashton -

Bursary Assistant: Miss Charlotte Heavens -

Accommodation Manager: Ms Tanya Hart -

Lodge Manager: Steve Capper -

Housekeeping Manager: Mrs Jaqueline de Oliveira Fiorelli

Harassment Advisor: Prof Phil Biggin 

Head of Communications: Katie Brown -

Senior Outreach Officer: Miss Marrium Khan (Maternity leave)

Outreach Officer: Grace Walters

Treasurer: Mr Andrew Macdonald -

Deputy Development Director: Mrs Carrie Scott -

Development Director: Mr Richard Hunt -