Choose from a range of fascinating courses, all designed and delivered by expert academics working at the cutting edge of modern research, and all taught using Oxford’s world-renowned tutorial system.

Our exciting courses span the breadth of the academic spectrum from data science to psychology and from gender in literature to the politics of identity. You may wish to learn about the psychology of social connection or develop programming skills for machine learning, assess a feminist reading of Shakespeare or explore the geopolitical ramifications of climate change. Whichever course you choose, your LMH Summer Programme will offer you the opportunity to grow your knowledge base, to advance your skills in your chosen area of study, and to dig deep into topics of special interest.

Every course is taught using the tutorial system, the core teaching model of the University of Oxford, in which you engage in rigorous academic discussion with your tutor as part of a very small class of only two to four students. In these weekly classes you present and discuss your work, accept constructive criticism, and listen and engage with the work of your fellow students.

By joining an LMH Summer Programme and learning in this open and exhilarating intellectual environment you will not only gain new knowledge and deeper understanding, but also develop your critical reasoning skills and emerge empowered to articulate, debate, and defend your ideas.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By combining a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles and fundamentals of computer programming with the opportunity to put new skills into practice, our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses offer a hands-on introduction to future-focused areas of research. These courses are perfect for STEM students looking to expand their knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Theory and Practice

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Advanced Applications of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Futuristic image of computer software and a human brain

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (‘PPE’) is a combined interdisciplinary area of study which has been taught at the University of Oxford since the early 20th century to equip students with the breadth of expertise required to understand and influence the world around us. From Brexit and Trumpism to social justice and global warming, our PPE courses explore some of the most important issues of the 21st century.

PPE: Globalisation, Populism, and Identity

PPE: Climate Change, Politics, and Environmental Justice

Young people protesting


Our Psychology courses explore the science of mental life, introducing a range of subdisciplines from social and developmental psychology to cognitive psychology and the psychology of individual differences. You will learn about the methods involved in studying Psychology and how to think critically about empirical research. The courses offer a solid foundation for future study in Psychology and provides an opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research taking place here at the University of Oxford

Psychology and Social Connection

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

English Literature and Creative Writing

Join our English Literature and Creative Writing courses to expand your literary knowledge, develop your skills of critical analysis, and hone your skills as a writer. Examine a wide range of British literature from various authors and periods through the lens of gender and sexuality, from William Shakespeare and Mary Shelley to Mary Jean Chan and Hanif Kureishi; or explore Life-Writing, combining textual analysis of the genre’s modes, themes, and techniques with the opportunity to produce your own life-writing and receive personalised feedback in workshops and tutorials

Gender and Sexuality in British Literature

Writing Lives: Texts, Techniques, and Creativity in Life-Writing