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About this course

How are we able to focus on one thing rather than something else? Why do we remember some things and forget others? What makes human beings intelligent? This course offers the opportunity to explore these questions and more through an introduction to Cognitive Psychology, a key area within Psychology which examines how the brain works.

You will learn about the role of attention as a fundamental cognitive process and how it relates to short and long-term memory; you will examine the phenomenon of learning, looking at learning theories and neuroimaging evidence to discover how learning occurs in the brain; and you will investigate the role of cognition in language, sleep, and consciousness. Throughout the course you will learn about the methods involved in studying Psychology and how to think critically about empirical research.

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology offers a solid foundation for future study in Psychology and provides an opportunity to hear about cutting-edge research taking place here at the University of Oxford.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to demonstrate understanding of the key issues and topics within Cognitive Psychology, including current areas of research.
  • Be able to demonstrate understanding of the psychological and biological methods behind Cognitive Psychology.
  • Be able to evaluate critically empirical findings from psychological research.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course would suit students from a range of disciplines who are interested in the scientific study of mental processes. Prior formal academic experience in Psychology is not required.

Dates and availability

Available as a Residential or Online course on the following date:

Session 2: 15th July to 2nd August 2024

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