Graphic with a photo of Prof Dimitra Rigopoulou and the text: Seeing Through the Dust: The James Webb Space Telescope

Seeing Through the Dust: The James Webb Space Telescope

All are welcome to this talk being held by the LMH Astronomical Society on Wednesday of 7th Week. LMH Senior Research Fellow Professor Dimitra Rigopoulou will speak on: "Seeing through the Dust: The James Webb Space Telescope".

Professor Rigopoulou provides an outline of her talk below:

The James Webb Space Telescope is, by orders of magnitude, the most powerful telescope ever built. It is a feat of engineering, providing transformative science across many areas 
and representing a hopeful symbol of what humanity can achieve. In this talk I will review recent discoveries from JWST that help us understand our place in the Cosmos: how the first galaxies formed after the Big Bang, how they evolved over cosmic time, forming stars like our Sun and, planets like our Earth. I will then discuss how JWST plays a key role in uncovering the `dusty’ side of the Universe, catching the very first glimpses of emerging black holes and their role in shaping the evolution of galaxies from early epochs to the present day.