Photo of Karen Armstrong, who has short blonde hair, with the text: Oxford Pakistan Programme, Allama Iqbal Lecture 2024

'The Quest for God' delivered by guest speaker Karen Armstrong

The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) is delighted to invite you to the 2024 Allama Iqbal Lecture, 'The Quest for God' delivered by guest speaker Karen Armstrong.

The Lecture will take place at LMH at 5pm, Monday 22nd April 2024.

To join please book your place here.

This event is sponsored by the Dadabhoy Foundation.

Karen Armstrong is an internationally acclaimed author and commentator, renowned for her extensive work on religious affairs. As one of Britain's leading thinkers on spirituality and faith, Armstrong's profound insights have significantly contributed to contemporary understandings of religion and its impact on society. Her scholarly journey encompasses a vibrant array of books that dissect the essence and evolution of belief systems across the globe, including notable titles such as "A History of God" and "Muhammad: A Prophet For Our Time, " both of which have garnered widespread acclaim for their depth and accessibility. Her contributions to the dialogue on religion and the human condition have earned her international recognition, including prestigious awards and honorary degrees from institutions around the world. Armstrong's role as a former nun, combined with her transition to a leading religious commentator, underscores her unique perspective on faith, both personally and professionally. Her efforts to promote interfaith understanding, especially through initiatives like the Charter for Compassion, highlight her commitment to enhancing global harmony and spiritual awareness.

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