When selecting your tutorials, please consult the Theology Faculty website, which contains detailed information about the courses available.  You can request first year courses (prelims), or second/third year courses (final honour schools).

Please note that as visiting students are not matriculated, they are not eligible to sit university examinations, therefore students will be assessed on their weekly essays submitted and their contributions in tutorials.  

A Typical Week

Each week, students studying Theology devote much of their time to essay writing and doing the necessary in-depth reading and thinking in preparation for this. When completed, the essay will be discussed with a Tutor, either in LMH or with an external Tutor at another College. Students are also expected to attend the appropriate university lectures and classes recommended by their Tutor; these are often held in the Examination Schools, but may also be in the Theology faculty centre or elsewhere. 

Advice on submitted written work

Please submit 2 recent essays which are relevant to the topics you are interested in pursuing at LMH.

Tutors and lecturers

Prof Jan Westerhoff  is Fellow & Tutor in Theology and Religion