What is Annual Registration?

At the beginning of every academic year you will need to register online on Student Self-Service. When you access Student Self-Service, you will be asked to confirm your personal details, check your programme of study details, and confirm your new or continuing status as a student for the forthcoming academic year. The Academic Office can help if you encounter any problems.


When you begin your course, arrangements will be made for you to take part in a ceremony known as matriculation, held in the Sheldonian Theatre. Matriculation is the formal registration by which you are accepted as a member of the University. Most students attend the matriculation ceremony held on Saturday of the first week of Michaelmas Term. Please note that Academic Dress is required and that there are no guests at this ceremony. Matriculation is essential since without matriculating you cannot use any University facilities or be awarded a degree.

There will also be less formal registration and induction sessions held in your academic department during Freshers' Week (0th/Noughth week). Departments will contact you directly with details of their registration meetings.

Degree Ceremonies

Degrees are conferred by the University at a Degree Congregation, usually held in the Sheldonian Theatre and preceded by a reception and lunch in College. This occasion marks the successful conclusion of an LMH student’s career and the beginning of a lifelong association as an alumnus or alumna of the College. 

Oxford does not have a venue large enough to accommodate all of its graduating students at a single ceremony; therefore it holds several ceremonies at different times throughout the year. You will be emailed by the University’s Degree Conferrals Office in the Michaelmas Term of your final year and invited to pick from a selection of dates for your graduation in the following year. Most LMH students receiving their degree following their undergraduate course choose to do so at one of three ceremonies at the end of July. 

Whilst you will deal with the University in confirming your place on the degree ceremony, you must also contact the Development Office at LMH which organises the preceding lunch.

Please note that it is your responsibility to respond to the prompts from the University when they are sent to you as places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Graduation can only happen once your examination results have been released, all books are returned to their respective libraries, and any debts to the University and College are cleared.

Stages of undergraduate and graduate degrees

Please follow the links below for more specific information for undergraduates and graduates.