Graduate Progression Forms (GSO forms)

Graduate Progression Forms mark your progress through the various key points of a research degree, including transfer of status, confirmation of status, appointment of examiners and more. Your University Supervisor or departmental Graduate Studies Assistant will be able to advise you about the order and importance of these milestones. In every case, the College will need to review and approve your application. Please ensure that both you and your Supervisor have completed and signed off the relevant sections of the form before emailing or bringing the form to the Tutorial and Graduate Officer.  Please provide GSO forms in good time as the College carries out a finance check before releasing the form to be signed by the Tutor for Graduates and this may take up to 5 working days.

The GSO forms can be found here: (please note that some forms are available online via Student Self Service).

Suspension of Status

If you are considering suspending your status, please speak to the Tutor for Graduates or your College Advisor as soon as possible. University guidance on suspension is at:

If you cannot do academic work for a particular reason (e.g. illness, financial hardship) then you can apply for suspension for not less than one term (or not less than three for a taught masters) and for not more than three terms at any one time. Overall, you cannot suspend status for more than six terms.

If you are funded by a research council, charity or other funding body, you may need to make a separate application parallel to the GSO application being made within the University. This is because the funding body’s regulations for suspension will not necessarily be the same as those of the University. The Tutor for Graduates and your Supervisor should be able to advise you on this.