Studied at Oxford: Politics & Philosophy (Michaelmas); International Relations (Hilary & Trinity)

Home University: American University, Washington DC

Studied at home: Politics & International Studies


From the day I arrived at Oxford, I was treated as part of the LMH community.  I feel like I've grown as a person this year, and I can't  think of a place where I would rather have spent my junior year abroad!

Academically, the tutorial system has proved refreshing.  As a research assistant for one Tutor, I've been able to help in the process of editing chapters of books to be published.  With another Tutor, I am currently co-authoring a paper to be presented at a conference back in the States. I've also been given the chance to pursue my own personal research. My Tutors know my interests, and regularly send me notices for events and lectures. It's not just that I got lucky with my Tutors, that's really how it is over here.

I've also enjoyed debate club, playing volleyball, attending plays and performances, punting, volunteering in the community, and travelling during our long breaks.

David Greenberg, visiting student from American University Washington DC