An outstanding degree in mathematics, covering classical pure and applied mathematics, as well as probability and statistics. Students specialise increasingly in subjects of interest to them in years 3 and 4.

Mathematics at LMH

Lady Margaret Hall provides an excellent academic environment for undergraduates reading Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics and Philosophy, or Mathematics and Computer Science. The College has one of the largest undergraduate cohorts studying Mathematics and Joint Schools and has excellent library facilities to support them. The College has a set of outstanding tutors covering all aspects of the Mathematics and Joint Schools degrees.

Admissions requirements and course information

A*A*A with the A*s in Mathematics and Further Mathematics (if taken). More information on other requirements, how to apply, and a typical week can be found here and here. Visit the website of the Mathematical Institute.

Admission to Mathematics is joint with Mathematics and Statistics, and applicants do not choose between the two degrees until the end of their fourth term at Oxford. At that point, all students declare whether they wish to study Mathematics or study Mathematics and Statistics. Further changes later on may be possible subject to the availability of space on the course and the consent of the college.

Career prospects

Some students have gone on to study for the DPhil in Mathematics, others have gone into teaching, into industrial applications including the financial and actuarial industries, while some have gone into government departments including areas such as security, where cryptography and cyber-security directly use mathematical skills.

What our students say

I am a former comprehensive school student and would recommend LMH to prospective mathematicians from any educational background. The amount of contact time provided by the maths tutors is exemplary and is invaluable in helping make the transition from school to university maths successful. Yes, you will be challenged, but the maths department at LMH gives you the opportunity to achieve your potential.

Rachel Bromiley


Studying maths at LMH is great! We have a big group of mathematicians in college, which means there's plenty of support and resources available. The tutors at LMH are all incredibly helpful and friendly and very approachable if we have any extra questions about lectures or maths in general. 

There is also a nice social side to being at LMH: we regularly have "LMH maths seminars" followed by drinks and a group dinner. This is a great opportunity to talk to your tutors outside of tutorials and get to know mathematicians in other years!

Shati Patel