Contact details


Telephone number: 01865 274381

Role: Fellow and Tutor; University Lecturer


Dr James Studd


I grew up in Brighton, and studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Merton, before going on to graduate work in Philosophy at Corpus Christi. Prior to taking up my post as a Fellow and Tutor at Lady Margaret Hall and the University Lecturer in the Philosophy of Mathematics in 2013, I was a postdoc on a major AHRC project.

Research interests

In addition to the Philosophy of Mathematics, my research incorporates work in Philosophical Logic and the Philosophy of Language, with occasional forays into Metaphysics.


In addition to teaching Logic and General Philosophy for Prelims, I teach the following papers for Finals: Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic and Language, Knowledge and Reality. 


Computer Science and Philosophy

Mathematics and Philosophy

Philosophy and Modern Languages

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Physics and Philosophy

Psychology, Philosophy and Linguists