US Late Show host comes to LMH

When veteran US Late Show host David Letterman devised his latest venture, a set of interviews with people he admired, Malala Yousafzai was high on his list of guests. Their wide-ranging interview, filmed in front of a live audience in New York, covers everything from Malala's own background and humanitarian work to her experience of life at LMH, and her opinions on current affairs. 

The programme intercuts the studio interview with Letterman's visit to Oxford, where he joined an LMH tour with a group of prospective students, guided by Malala - a task which she performs for the College, as one of our Outreach Student Ambassadors. He is impressed by our Library, Dining Hall and beautiful grounds, and enjoys chatting with students he meets along the way. 

Letterman's 'My Next Guest needs no Introduction: Malala Yousafzai' is available to stream to anyone with a Netflix subscription,  and offers a light-hearted view of Oxford life, while also giving great exposure of the College to an enormous audience of potential students. 

Letterman and Malala